Size, Scope, Service & Sophistication –

Not Your Typical Recycler

In size, scope and sophistication of technology, Allocco Recycling stands apart in an industry of "me-too" services. A quick tour of any one of our three divisions immediately reveals that Allocco goes above and beyond typical material recyclers – in all aspects of operation and production. The result is a level of service, pricing and comprehensive performance that, customers attest, has no equal. Moreover, as part of our commitment to environmental conservation, Allocco is also set up to comply with LEEDS accredited development.

For your convenience, our expansive operations are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and can accommodate any schedule. We’re equipped to handle all loads – mini or massive – with speed, accuracy, accountability, and impeccable fairness and integrity. And for those who require it, we also have a fleet of trucks and containers that offer turnkey service – site-to-station. With the range of capabilities, services and technologies we offer, Allocco is New York’s one-stop-shop for demolition, fill and scrap metal recycling.

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