Allocco Recycling –

A Long, Proud History of
Environmental Responsibility

Since our inception in 1989, Allocco Recycling Ltd., has been on the forefront of environmental citizenship. Before it was fashionable to be “green”, Allocco was leading the charge. We saw the opportunity for improved sustainability early on, and it made perfect sense for us to align our objectives with how we envisioned the future. We retooled our business model. We expanded operations. We invested in advanced, pioneering technologies to help us achieve more thorough, accurate and cleaner materials processing. It was daunting at first, because, frankly put, we were breaking unproven ground. But the result was a win-win for everyone involved. Not only did we increase material resell and boost our bottom line, but we also reduced our waste out to landfills – and this was our ultimate goal.

Over two decades, several acquisitions and multiple expansions later, Allocco’s three operational facilities today lead the industry in superior material recycling. What began as a modest trucking company, hauling rock and dirt from excavation sites, has today evolved into an industry-leading force in sustainable, responsible, exemplary recycling. And we continue to evaluate new and better ways to refine our operations. Implementing high-tech processing machinery to further increase and refine our recyclables. And installing precision measurement and documentation systems to provide for complete transparency and accountability – ensuring unsurpassed customer service and maintaining the trust and confidence we’ve earned. These are improvements we choose to do... which is why remain at the vanguard of recycling. This is our vision, mission and commitment. Advanced Technology for a Greener Tomorrow. Partner with Allocco Recycling.